There is an undeniable divorce between what we hear and the true refugee story. This disconnect is the root cause of the refugee problem, creating conditions that encourage a lack of employment, the denial of basic rights, and limited access to opportunities. These are all mere symptoms of the underlying stigma facing refugees when they arrive at their destination refuge.

Hiraeth is a convention platform that shares ‘The Refugee Story’ in new and immersive ways. Infusing traditional Performance Arts mediums such as music, dance, and theatre with emerging creative art forms and technologies, Hiraeth allows refugees to meaningfully connect with their new home. In turn, each branded convention provides essential access to capital for impact-driven initiatives that enhance the lives of millions of refugees from where their stories originate, to those who have not been so fortunate in their journey.

There is a very tangible and disruptive space that can be built around a refugee’s story and the Technological Arts; one that allows the refugees themselves to drive change.

Hiraeth will present at the Hult Prize Presidential Challenge Regionals in London in March, 2017.



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Hiraeth conventions are supported by emerging Technological Arts studios around the world. Our partners share our vision to tell the refugee story in ways that have never been seen before. We work alongside developers to deliver consistent, high-quality productions that return exciting premiums to both our partners, and liquidity to initatives changing the lives of millions around the world.

Our portfolio is ever-growing. Join Hiraeth to stay up to date with our developments and to see if a production will be hosted in your city in the near future.

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